April 2014

BioTillion is awarded  Phase IIb grant (Grant number: R44OD018230 ).

May 2013

AgileBio completes integration of BioTillion's BoxMapper to their LabCollector LIMS package.

February 2012

First shipments of BoxMapper and ColdTrack Vials.

March 2011

Based on first year progress, BioTillion is awarded a non competitive Phase II continuation grant (Grant number: 5R44RR024787-03).

April 2010

BioTillion is awarded a competitive Phase II grant (Grant number: 2R44RR024787-02A1) from the NCRR at the NIH.

December 2009

BioTillion receives early-stage angel investment.

June 2009

BioTillion is awarded noncompetitive supplemental funding for the Phase I grant (Grant number: 3R43RR024787-01S1).

December 2007

BioTillion is awarded a competitive Phase I grant (Grant number: 1R43RR024787-01) from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).