BoxMapper IIc

The BioTillion BoxMapper IIc provides a reliable method for mapping the contents of a freezer box without removing it from the cold environment.

BoxMapper IIc can map the contents of a standard freezer box within seconds without removing it from the cold. For example, a sample box can be...

BioTillion BoxMapper II

The BioTillion BoxMapper II provides a reliable method for mapping the contents of a freezer box in biorepositories and biobanks. 

This map can then be seamlessly imported into any of an expanding group of LIMS software packages. Tight LIMS-BoxMapper integration allows the user to easily...


The purpose of the ColdSIGHT™ system is to track sample boxes in ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers.  ColdSIGHT™ is designed for -80 ºC freezers that contain racks placed on shelves which in turn hold boxes of samples.

With this system we can do any and all of the following: 

Single Vial Reader

The BioTillion Single Vial Reader reads a single RFID tagged sample vial.  It is typically used for accessioning samples but can also be used when samples are not stored in one of the standard box formats supported by the BioTillion BoxMappers.  

The RFID data is read instantaneously, so...

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